Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big B, Little b . . .

This image kills me.

The drawing came home in my five-year old son's folder, apparently as part of his completed classwork.

I wish I drew it.

So much for my pledge not to post other people's drawings . . .

That's it for 2006 . . .

I recently received word from the following two screenwriting competitions:

Screenwriting Expo 5 Screenplay Competition:
According to the email, there were more than 2,400 features and almost 600 shorts submitted this year. Unfortunately for me, my screenplay failed to make the quarterfinals and was not listed among the top 25% of entries.

Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition: Last year I got the standard form letter. This year, I got a nifty "second rounder" letter, which stated that my script advanced to the second round in the "Adult/Family" category. The letter went on to say that "Over 4,000 writers submitted their screenplays in the Adult/Family and Comedy categories, and just below 15% made it to the second round." According to the folks at Austin, "reaching the second round is a tremendous accomplishment" and I should be "very proud of my entry". This letter was immediately followed by a second letter -- and a telephone call -- espousing the benefits of being a second rounder and advertising the discounted rates for second rounders interested in attending the festival in October.

That's the last of this year's competitions. I plan to start submitting again in about three months.