Thursday, March 31, 2011


Blind contour sketch in Sharpie (less than one minute)

Knocked this drawing out in the car tres quickly en route to the public pool for an exercise session. 

It's not a very good drawing (nor is it a good likeness of the subject) but that's to be expected with these sorts of renderings.  You see, in a contour drawing one does not typically lift the tip of his or her pen or pencil from the surface of the paper until the drawing (or a portion of the drawing) has been completed and in a 'blind' contour drawing, the artist does not look down at his paper until either a section of the drawing - or in some cases, the entire drawing - has been completed.

This particular drawing, come to think of it, is more of a 'partially' blind contour (I looked down at my story pad a couple of times).  I do these little drawings a lot, actually, primarily because contour and blind contour drawings are great exercises for training one's eye to more accurately 'see' the forms one is trying to record . . .


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